Hoang Anh Composite supplies FRP Composite casing for various types of  industrial exhaust fan as well as the air ventilation system for workshop

FRP Fan Casing for air ventilation system at Hoang Anh Composite (HAC) has a lot of designs as per customer’s request in which 2 most popular types are as follows:

1. Normal Fan Casing

This is made from fiberglass polyester resin with average thickness of 3mm. There are 2 sizes:

 - Fan Casing 48", dimension: 1380 x 1380 (mm), smooth outside, use 100% polyester resin and fiberglass.

FRP fan casing 48''

 - FRP Fan casing small 36”, dimension:  1067 x 1067 (mm), color: cream white, smooth outside, fiber + polyester resin

FRP fan casing 36''

2. Fan Casing with 4 pcs of flaring 

This kind of FRP fan casing is fabricated in various designs and dimensions according to customer’s requirements.

Currently the two popular types of fan casing for air ventilation system are available at Hoang Anh Composite which is used the most at the garment, shoes, packaging, printing factories, pig & chicken farms,… ect.

- Fan casing 1080 x 1080 ( no flaring)

- Fan Casing 1380 x 1380: dia 1240mm (round part), 1460 x 1460 mm ( square part + edge), average thickness =5mm, smooth outside, color: white

FRP fan casing 4pcs of flare

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