The FRP fan stack products produced by Hoang Anh Composite (HAC) applied Light RTM technology, a modern technology which is widely applied in advanced countries like the U.S. and Europe. 

Comparison between Light RTM and RTM :

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology is a composite production where the resin transferred into the mold in low pressure, the closed mold created products with superior surface quality, dimensional accuracy.

 Light RTM technology manufacturing composite products which combines hands up (Hand lay-up) and traditional vacuum technology automatically. Light RTM requires more manual work but resulting a more efficient product than RTM, as Light RTM produces no wastage whereas product quality is as comparable as RTM.

FRP Fan Stack of HAC has Technical Advantages of RTM and Light RTM as follow:

  1. Mold closed, safe environment, safe for production workers, filling the whole plastic mold, precision sizing of final product.
  2. To create a glossy surface on both sides.
  3. The percentage of fiber products can be up to 60%.
  4. Homogeneous product, so very few bubbles make a more durable product, stronger, more supple.
  5. Less waste.
  6. Production time will be faster.

Advantages of the final product with glossy surface on both sides.

  1. Both sides of the surface applied Gelcoat thus color will last longer.
  2. Both sides with smooth surface do not attract dirt. Easy for maintenance/cleaning.
  3. Aesthetic (looks better).

The FRP fan stack

According to requirements from Customer, HAC can provide the Fan stack with both fire-retardant and non-fire retardant.
Our fire-retardant fan stack is made from high quality Vipel Epoxy vinylester Resin from USA which meet standard ASTM 84, class I which certified by supplier.
Non-fire retardant fan stack is much cheaper than fire-retardant ones, and shorter lead-time.

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