FRP Lining is made onto the surface various products and materials such as leak proofing of roof tops, factory Floor, chemical industries, anti corrosion treatment of metal tanks, concrete tanks, Fittings, and many more. It helps protect from corrosion from chemicals & salts. It provides excellent performance and lasting time.

General structure is Primer + Reinforced Layers + Top Coat. Based on the Concentration of chemical and the type of liquid inside the tanks, we offer the most suitable structure with different thickness of layers.

Some main materials used for lining is Fiberglass, vinylester resin, polyester resin,

 frp lining

Fiberglass Tank Lining

First developed during World War II, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) laminates have evolved into today's sophisticated corrosion resistant fiberglass (CR FRP) and abrasion resistant fiberglass lining systems. In the tank fabrication industry, these composite vessels now rival and in certain environments, surpass stainless steel and other thermoset plastic vessels for the containment of various corrosive liquids.

When the need arises to switch the use of an existing tank from one contained product to another, we offer many product specific corrosion layer systems, compatible with products the tank may not have been originally designed to contain.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are two aggressive chemicals stored in FRP vessels and tanks.

Hoang Anh Composite offers in-place upgrade tank lining services for older fiberglass tanks used to store chemicals, waste streams, gasoline, alcohol blended fuels, oil and the new Biodiesel fuels. Many of the older fiberglass tanks are not compatible with newer chemical and fuel blends, and can fail when used to store these products.

Chemical Tank Lining

Storage of acidic and alkaline liquids at varying concentrations and temperatures is challenging for most traditional substrates, coatings and linings. These liquids erode, corrode, emulsify and undermine the structural integrity of many steel, fiberglass and concrete vessels, greatly shortening their service life. Hoang Anh Composite with the team of 10 years of experience and Consulting team from our Associate in Japan will design many options for your convenience and suitable cost.

Super team as mentioned above can make the shortest time for any urgent request from customers, to meet customer project’s timeline.

FRP lining for steel tank


FRP Lining for Fittings

Many steels tank required fittings from other material like steel or PVC flanges, nozzles with various sizes. This requires carefulness and skillful process from the worker who is experienced, too.

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