FRP pipes are made by filament cor Hand-lay up method as per international standard.It includes piping system for chemical factory, oil transfer system… This is made with Japanese technology, high quality, durable, and specially focus on safe level of 100% during usage.
Material used in this kind of product has qualified for international standard, especially vinylester for corrosive resistant.

FRP pipes systems is chemical resistant type, normally applied for Chemical Industry such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Fertilizer Plants, Alkali, Fire Fighting Application, …ect.

FRP chemical pipelines
Corrosion resistance:
Life span of the FRP/GRP pipes is good as there is no internal nor external corrosion, once appropriate resin is selected for particular operating condition& is appropriately supported externally you can easily expect a life span of 15-20 years.
It is suitable for weak to strong acids from alkaline chemicals to saline water & solvents.
No requirement of external epoxy coating.

The weight of the FRP pipes is much lesser than the corresponding Mile Steel or concrete pipes thus easily transportable & erected resulting into reduced erection cost.
This system has excellent strength to weight properties. When the ratio of strength per unit of weight is considered, GRP/FRP composites surpass iron, carbon and stainless steel as shown in below table.

Material Density (g/cm³) Tensile strength (Mpa)
GRP/FRP 1.8 1400
Ductile iron 7.6 420
Steel 7.83 1034


Fire Retardant properties:
- Pipes can be specially manufactured with fire retardant properties for fire-fighting application.
- Industries can use FRP/GRP pipes made from fire retardant resin in order to reduce the possibility of the pipes themselves catching fire at the same time getting desired pressure in the system without fear of leakage due to corrosion which is the most common phenomenon in mild steel pipes.

Methods of manufacturing
1. Handlay up
- Gives resin rich surface thus better in corrosion resistance
- Preferred for lower PN ratings & lower sizes
- Can be made easily for small quantities
2. Filament Winding
- Good for large diameter & high PN ratings
- Cost effective as compared to hand lay-up

Methods of Joining
1. For complete FRP/GRP pipes
- Butt & Strap method
- Fixed flange bolting arrangement
- Stub end with loose flange bolting arrangement
2. For complete thermoplastic pipes
- Butt welding using mirror machine
- Solvent chemicals
- Manual welding
3. Thermoplastic + FRP/GRP pipes
- Butt welding using Machine/ Manual + Butt & Strap for FRP/GRP
- Solvent chemicals + FRP / GRP

Design Codes used for pipes:
- Thermoplastic pipes :
- FRP Pipes
- PS15-69

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