Established in 1999 as a small workshop, till now we are growing to become a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Composite (FRP) category of products such as:

- FRP Chemical Tanks, FRP Water panel tanks, FRP pipes, FRP Fittings (flanges, nozzle, elbow, conducts), FRP lining

- Composite (FRP) Cooling tower parts (FRP fan stack, FRP casing…)

- Composite (FRP) Delivery Boxes, FRP Delivery Cool-keeping boxes

- FRP chairs (used for stadium, hospital, public places)

- Composite (FRP) industrial fan frame, Composite (FRP) electric box

- FRP basin for food & material; Nail (FRP) basin; Composite (FRP) trolley (trolley at air port, trolley for fabric)

- FRP statues, decorative FRP products, Fine Art Composite (FRP) products; Composite (FRP) Traffic Light Products; Composite (Fiber-glass) custom made products...

We facilitate in the manufacture of FRP products which applied the anti – corrosive, flame retardant and UV resistant reinforced fiber polymers. Moisture and temperature control plus input material Quality control is to ensure the stable quality of output. Besides, investment for R&D activities is our long-term objective to achieve experience to export our FRP products to Japan, USA, Europe which meet the international standards.

At Hoang Anh Composite we proud to have a team of talented, creative and dynamic engineers and designers, following with manufacturing of products with high quality and aesthetics which meet and exceed customers's demand. Over the years Hoang Anh Composite has created trust and a proven record to supply customers with extremely difficult custom made products for a wide range of customers.

We focus on innovative techniques to match the trend of technological development and continuously improve product quality to meet customer needs. RTM method is to meet 2 smooth surfaces requirements; Filament-Wound Glass- Fiber-Reinforced Thermoset Resin is ASTM standard of making Corrosion-Resistant Tanks.

We always search for solutions to bring Client’s added values, in which consultancy service for material, production method, flexible payment term, warranty, service after sales. Working with us, Hoang Anh Composite, you will “GET TRUST, GET DELIGHT”

If You Need Any Industrial Solution ... We Are Available For You

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  • 1733C Huong Lo 2 St.,An Binh Hamlet, An Tinh Town, Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province, Viet Nam
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