The FRP Fittings roles an important play in the tanks & pipes system for chemicals and oil industry It saves cost and time when we use the qualified FRP fittings. Acknowledged from this issue, besides the FRP tank, vessels, FRP pipes we also focus on the technology of

fabricating FRP fittings to bring added value to our customers, especially for big projects owned by government or from FDI factories located in Viet Nam and also exporting markets.

Fittings includes  frp nozzles, frp flanges (standard JIS 10K), man-ways, U-vent, elbows, stub flanges, couplings,..ect,… These items require the high skilled, careful and passionate workers  and made by hand laid method only.

Our main materials for fittings is vinyl ester resin, originated from USA, for chemical corrosion resistant property, and fiberglass (Japan) for reinforcement. And we use vinyl ester resin only, not polyester resin, for making FRP fittings. They are always checked before production as specified in our procedure because it affects directly the fittings quality. The additives are also controlled carefully of the rate mixing with resins to ensure the stable quality of output as commitment with our customers.

We are exporting FRP Pipe fittings to Japan regularly various sizes, such as FRP flange 15A, 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 65A, 80A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 200A.

frp fitting

For FRP tanks fittings, we are using FRP flanges, manhole as our standardized accessories for both FRP chemical tanks, FRP waste water vessels system, and FRP water storage tank. They will be higher cost, but higher quality also, looks nicer than the normal plastic fittings which required by customer in their drawings.

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