Superior Material  and Quality System Ensured Reliability

Tested and certified by SIRUM to SS 245: 1995 for its physical, chemical, microbiological and cytotoxicity properties. This Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Thank is completely rust free, a factor

which greatly improves sanitation. Thus it is safe for portable water storage designated for human consumption. Its non-corrodable property greatly extend the life span of the tank and minimize maintenance.

Innovative in Providing an Everlasting Water Tank System

It is assembled by connecting independent angular panel with bolts and reinforced by external and internal bracing

It is modular that you can create the required and space available.

It is vigorously designed to withstand both hydrostatic and dynamic water pressure. Our designed safety factor bursting pressure exceeds six times its rated capacity.

High Pressure Hot Press Molding

FRP Water Tank panels are molded using High Pressure Hot Compression Matched Metal Mold method that gives good finishing and dimensionally accurate panels to ensure durable and long lasting tanks

Typical Assembly Tank

Material Finite Element Analysis

All critical components of Tanks undergo computerized Structural Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis at the design stage. Our design follows strictly to all Engineering Code of Practice applicable to Structural & Mechanical Disciplines

FRP Panel Water Tank is designed and manufactured in accordance with Singapore Standard 245:1995

FRP panel water tank is assembled by Hoang Anh Composite

1. Tank Capacity

1000 to 500000 litres

Note: This capacity is based on standard industry design, however larger capacity tank is available based on our evaluation of installation site conditions.

2. Tank size:

Breath (B) and Length (L): multiples of either 0.5m or 1.0m

Depth (D): 1.0; 1.5; 2.0;2.5;3.0;3.5; and 4.0 m

3. Service

3.1 Service Pressure and Temperature

For storage of water at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure

3.2 Ultra-violet Resistance

UV-Guard coated panels provide increased ultra-violet resistant to prevent color fading with various choice of Pantone® color to match.

4. Components

4.1 Panels

4.1.1 Materials

- Resin: conforms to BS 3532

- Glass: conforms to BS 3396, BS 3496, and BS 3749

4.1.2 Dimensions: 1m x 1m, 0.5m x 1m

4.1.3 Fabricatiob

- Flanges: Single Flange 90o

- Land Width: >60mm

- Hole Diameter: 14mm

4.1.4 Physical Properties


SS 245: 1995

Our Results

Tensile Strength (MN/m2)



Bending Strength (MN/m2)



Young’s Modulus (MN/m2)



Glass Content



Barcol Hardness



Water Absorption



4.1.5 Performance

Roof panel: supports 120-kg point load

1 meter Panel: withstands pressure > 58.86 kN/m2

2 meters Panel: withstands pressure > 117.72 kN/m2

3 meters Panel: withstands pressure > 176.58 kN/m2

4 meters Panel: withstands pressure > 235.44 kN/m2

4.1.6 Effect on water

Non Cytotoxic conforming to SS 375

Tasteless and Odorless

Pass WHO 1984 Guideline Value on Harmful Metal for Drinking Water Quality

Do not support Microbiological Growth of Coliform, Pseudomonas and Fungi

4.2 Bolts & Nuts

4.2.1 Bolt size: Nominal Ø 12mm

4.2.2 Standard: ISO 898-1 & ISO 898-2]

4.2.3 Material:

- Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel SS 117 or equivalent

- Used for assembly of panels & in areas exposed externally Stainless Steel SS 304

- Used in areas in contact with water

4.3 Sealing Materials

Non-cytotoxic conforming to SS 375

Permanent Compressive Strain < 4%

Type for assembly of

- Roof Panels: PE Foam

- Wall & Base Panels: Nitrile Foam

4.4 Supports for Panel

4.4.1 Reinforcement  System for Panels:

- Type I: External Support

- Type II: Tie Rod

- Type III: Internal Stays

4.4.2 Elements of external support are Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel

4.4.3 Elements of internal support are SS 304

4.4.4 Roof thrust pole material is uPVC

4.5 Piping Connections

4.5.1 Piping Openings: The dimensions comply with BS 4504 for flanges and BS 21 for threads.

4.5.2 Buyer is responsible to provide us pipe openings requirements prior to our delivery.

4.5.3 Nozzles

- Sizing: 50mm ~ 200mm

- Quantity: Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Scour, Balancing and Warning-One of each per tank/compartment

- Material :Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel

- Exception: Whenever a flat panel is provided nozzle will be omitted.

4.6 Air Vent     

Nominal Ø: 100, 150 mm

Material: Synthetic Resin

4.7 Manhole Hatch

Nominal Ø: 600mm internal openings

Material: GRP

Hinges: Aluminium alloy

4.8 Internal And External ladder

Provided for tanks with depth 1.5m or more


+ Internal ladder

- Aluminium

- SS 304 *

+ External ladder

- Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel

- Aluminium *

4.9 Water Level Indicators

          Graduated scale type attached to the side of tank complete with floats, pulleys, cord, weighted pointers and scale graduated in metric suiting depth of tank

5 Steel Foundation

Crossed girder type steel base (skid) designed to provide continuous support to all flanges to the base panels of the tank.


5.1.1 One coat of Black Iron Oxide

5.1.2 Hot Dipped Galvanized *

6 Concrete Plint (by others)

Height: > 450 mm

Width: 200mm

Length: Tank Nominal Length (L) or Breath (B) plus 200mm

Note: * These items are optional and non-standard. Any inclusion will be at additional cost.


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