The world is deeply interested in environmental problems, because of the very serious impact on the health of its to human, in which wastewater is the top concern. In Vietnam, the

environmental management agency is also tightly controlled environment handling problems. FDI Companies in VN has brought the technology of modern sewage treatment to VN which composite tanks are the very important devices in this system.

The special design of FRP composite vessels with separate textures will match each of the standard household sewage treatment system, and industrial wastewater treatment. Vinylester resin materials can resist chemical corrosion used for sewage treatment together with fiberglass structure originated from Japan which is easy to be permeable, and high quality of Hoang Anh Composite help increases the material strength, thereby increasing life span of tank, ensures the treatment system operate without worry of leak which surely affect other devices of the system.

FRP round tank for siltation, sedimentation, rubber

Composite tank wastewater treatment system may be the couple of tanks: one round tank round (for siltation, sedimentation, rubber ... ) , and 1 rectangular tanks (used for filtration) with steel stiffener lined with composite outside; or the system of 2 round tanks 10m3+15m3 (big factory) or 2 smaller round tanks 4m3+6m3 (for small factories)

FRP rectangular tank used for filtration

The fittings for the wastewater treatment tanks from Hoang Anh Composite are fabricated as per Japanese standard (JIS), such as FRP flanges, FRP nozzle, FRP tee, Embedded pipes, FRP Elbow, using 100% resistant corrosion vinylester which is no air bubble ( refer menu “FRP flanges” for further information)

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